What is the order minimum?

We ask for orders of 25 or more. This includes delivery, set-up and breakdown, and personal service for all employees in addition to food.

How do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

The great thing about our menu is it allows for each individual to essentially customize their own meal. Vegetarian? We offer tons of fresh and pickled veggies that can me mixed and matched in various ways. Gluten free? With the exception of our bread, everything we have is gluten free! Vegan? Our veggie mixtures are primarily dairy free and we have a number of dressings and sides that are vegan as well. As long as individuals let us know any sensitivities we will happily guide them in the right direction.

What does your set up entail?

Our set-up is pretty painless. We come in just before lunch and set up a mini restaurant right in your office or kitchen. With two small warming trays and a cold tray a small space is sufficient to serve a large quantity of people. Employees will approach table, give their order, and have their custom built lunch made just for them in under a minute. We also bring all utensils and togo packaging so employees can choose to eat onsite or take it back to their desk for later. 


Other questions? Just send us a note and we will be happy to talk you through anything you're unsure about. Contact us here.