We want to change the way America lunches. 

People want to eat healthy. When it comes to lunch it can be hard to get something quick and fast that will not only sustain you throughout the day, but also tastes good.

That's where we step in. 

Our sandwiches and salads are filled with nourishing ingredients that are also delicious. It doesn't have to be one or the other!

Pulled meats are braised for hours until tender and served warm on your salad or sandwich. Ground meat is marinated and spiced to excite the palate. All of our meat is humanely raised and as local as possible, coming from the midwest region.

Bread is picked up  fresh daily from a local bakery, soft and free of preservatives. 

Garden vegetables change with the season, but we always have exciting and inventive combinations to make adding them to a sandwich something customers want to do.

Pickled vegetables vary in type, texture, and flavor, giving an added zing to every meal. 

Dressings are all made from scratch with no preservatives. And we try to keep them healthy -we substitute greek yogurt for mayonaise whenever possible and keep sugar to a minimum. 

Sides are healthy takes on traditional lunch snacks. Sure chips and a cookie are great. But try our salt and vinegar roast potatoes and fruit and oats cup and you'll see you don't have to sacrifice wholesome for flavor.


Get in touch with us now to see how you can bring GROW to your office!